Je bedrijf groeit en bloeit als jij groeit 

Open je hart en handel daarnaar.

Simpel, maar niet altijd makkelijk.

En doe het vandaag nog ,... want zal ik je eens een geheimpje vertellen . . . 

 Jouw leven begint . . . NU. 

En...  Je hoeft het niet alleen te doen.  Doe het samen. Met mij als je coach.


Wat is Biodanza?

In deze video een impressie.

Geplande Dans Ceremonies

17,18 en 19 mei 2019    “What if you get out of your way ?”   Workshop met Biodanza elementen, beweging en ontmoetingen op To-gatherness weekend in Okkenbroek.

Over de workshop:

Do you know these voices in our own heads who are determining what we should and shouldn’t do? The ones that ultimately shape how much room we have to breath, to dance and to live! What if we can pause them for a moment. Let go of all the judges in your head. Dance my friends, life is not a performance, it is not meant to be perfect. Instead it could be a playground to discover new things every moment.

My name is Ivenes Braam. I have a back ground in Biodanza, Social educational care work, coaching and Thai massage. I work with movement, encounters, voice and music, to let you meet yourself in a broader perspective, a you in a bigger playing field.

Over het weekend:

We wish to warmly invite you to journey with us. A gentle invitation to undress ourselves from all fixed, preconceived judgments, ideas, convictions that are limiting us from connecting with the deepest stillness within, a place where the whole of the universe is contented and received and from where the truest movement arises to guide us into the full flowering of the Self.

To-gatherness is a space to celebrate our inter-connectedness within, with each other and with the whole of nature.

A space to experience the intertwined dance between silence and sound, between stillness and movement.

A space to be embraced and received, to be inspired, at each breath becoming present.

A space to become the water, the trees, the wind, the grass, the flowers and the fire, listening to life flowing through.

A space to explore diversity and oneness.

A space for playfulness and self-expression, for deep journeys and gentle touches, a space to hold each other hands and co-create a joyful and sustainable future.

When: Friday 17 & Saturday 18 & Sunday 19 May 2019 .

Arrival on Thursday 16 May from 15.00h. Departure on Sunday 19 May after lunch.

Where: Group campground – Oerdijk 123, 7434RA Okkenbroek

Contribution: On a sliding scale, €105 – €125 – €150, based on your financial possibilities, you offer what you can and wish. This “samenkomst”, this gathering is like a cauldron, together we make a magic potion. Some of us contribute by offering money, some of us by cooking, some of us by guiding us through the journey. The contribution of €105 is just covering the basic costs, if you wish to support the facilitators of our To-gatherness‘ journey, you would need to contribute by sliding up the scale and offer between €125 and €150. Together with our enriching beautiful presence and our smile, we are invited to contribute to the cauldron in any form suites or pleases us, from a hug into a sweet word, from a flower into money. Everything is included! Children younger than 4 years old: free participation; between 4 and 16 years old: 60 euros.

This contribution covers: 3 nights sleeping in your own tent or bus, organic meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner and the participation to the entire workshops, ceremonies and healings journey.

Extra day: if you wish to prolong your stay by coming before or leaving after our To-gatherness, your contribution for one nigh’s camping and meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner is of 15 euros per day.

Deadline for registration: 08 May 2019. We wish to create an intimate space, the amount of participants is limited. Take your place!

Info and Registration: Send an email to
You are going to receive a confirmation email with details about contribution and registration.

Our magic ingredients: The silence, nature, our awareness, our stillness and our dance, our breath, our togetherness, the circle, our singing and our music, our prayers, the moon, the arts, our physical, mental and emotional body, the sacred fire, the elements, the directions, the archetypes and our ability to surrender and willingness to listen and allow.

We are offering a children program that is going to move in synchronicity with our journey for ‘grownups’.

(Yoga, Silent journeys, Dance Ceremony, Intuitive Painting, Meditations, Drums Circle, Constellations for the collective, Klank Bad, Sauna, Creative journeys, Dance, Music…………and……………)

Stuur me jouw coaching vraag. Dat is stap 1  ✔ 👌